This is pretty simple, my name is Dennis and I take pictures, sometimes for my real job, sometimes for fun, sometimes for a project called New Mexico Drive that focuses on the famous and not so famous sites around New Mexico, and sometimes for our production company, Bullseye Productions, LLC. or our newest upcoming project that will be committed to cleaning up many of the open public spaces in the Southwest.

I take pictures because it is frustrating and magical all at the same time. Most of my favorite images have been captured by complete accident while trying to capture something else.

It’s awesome.

Mountain peaks, desert landscapes and hot air balloons are what many people think of when they think of New Mexico so you will find plenty of those here.

Don’t be suprised to find plenty of car pictures in the mix here, from offroad 4×4 pictures to classic car profiles they all look good to me. Sometimes they can even be art.

One of my favorite things is finding locations and subjects that can become more, like turning a rock someone had put on a tree limb along a mountain trail or a picture of a tree limb and figuring out how to make those into art.

You are also going to see plenty of pictures of my partner in these journeys @desertroseandsage and our mascots #jackanddianeshelties 

Recently someone asked if they could buy a print of a picture I had posted online so I decided to open up a shopping page. With other projects occupying most of my time I decided to make this shop very ‘one size fits all’ literally. I will be posting prints for purchase that are printed on 8″x10″ photo paper (mostly on Canon 69 pound Photo Paper Plus Semi Gloss) with the images cropped to 5″x7″. I am able to print up to a 13″x39″ size (that is an A3+ paper size) and will take requests for larger prints.

The prints will be produced with the Canon PIXMA Pro 200 printer. This printer uses an 8 cartridge dye based ink system which is why it has been reviewed as one of the best printers to use for these types of prints. The dye based ink actually is absorbed under the outer layer of premium photo paper which leads to long life and durability of the print.

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